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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bon Voyage to Europe!

This summer we went to London. You may think London is rainy though when you find what is behind the Fog is a lot of things to Explore.

Here are a list of things that you could do that I did. But mainly you must have the good weather support you. We were lucky that we got it but as always a bit of rain is good.

One of the good things to see is the museums. Last year we went to the British Museum which was full of artifacts showing varieties of things. The Natural History Museum was fantastic and you can imagine yourself in the time of Jurassic!

Paris was wonderful and artistic Museums were the ideal days out. Going to the Louvre was an treasure hunt to find the Mona Lisa among the crowds! The Eiffel Tower "Tour Eiffel" or "Champ De Mars" was good experience especially looking at the huge tower in awe.

In Birmigham we saw the excitement rising there! We went to Warwick castle, saw the Trebuchet and jousting in the evening. In the Afternoon we had seen what it would have have been like if Henry the Eighth was on the Throne. We also went to Cadbury World and had a rather chocolatey day there! Our lips were red! We had also been Strawberry picking and made Jam and Strawberry ice cream out of the organic Strawberrys. But the Biggest hit was the Roald Dahl Museum-It was like you went in the world of Roald Dahl!

We had a Day trip to Longleat's Safari Park and in the Evening , ended up at Bath having a tour of the old Roman Baths and then having Dinner.

Now I hope you can enjoy these things when you go there!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lets Care!

Some people just waste things and don't know there wasting .This could be simple things like:

Washing you dishes with a lot of water,

Turning on the shower for too long and not using it

and Leaving the television on when nobodys watching it.

Simple things can cause to bigger things and the bigger things may cause to problems.A lot of things happen in the background such as cutting down trees the size of football pitches litrally every second or keeping on the televion/computor for so long even though it takes up a lot of electricity. Some times you may have heard this saying that says ' Think before you react'. I my self am concerened about these things and want other people to know that too.

I may be sounding serious so you may want somebody to tell you a joke.

Just to let you know my name is Priya and I am eight.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year

In Hong Kong Chinese New Year is a very important festival.

Chinese New year is celebrated for 15 days only.This includes not washing your hair because they say that it sweeps all the good luck away.The senior citizens give the younger citizens of the family a red packet called Lai See.You pronounce it Lai see.This packet has money in it.

If you dress up for Chinese new year, In hong kong and other country's you can get silk clothes to wear if you celebrate it. Good luck colours to wear are red and gold. You can wear any colours you like.
The flower market in Victoria park is filled to the top with flowers.This is very special because you can only buy them when Chinese new year comes.
Lion dances happen in all the big shopping malls.