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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sailing the Seven Seas... Or an Island

Do you know how to sail?? It is actually a great experience, and how do I know? I know because I had my first Sailing lesson yesterday, at the Hong Kong Yacht Club.

It was an After School Activity, and first they explained the boat. We had our first cap-size drill, where you have to fall in the water on purpose. Tiring, sinking a boat. When we got on again, we had to move the Rudder a lot of the time, and you have to duck a lot. The rudder is the thing you move at the back.The sail is very close to your head, so if you bang it it hurts(I know) . I actually thought that is was an adventurous experience, and even useful when your older because you know how to sail a boat. The place we went to was Middle Island, a tiny little island just off Hong Kong, even smaller than Lantau Or Cheung Chau(the other main islands). If you went to the ramp, you could see schools and schools of tiny fish if you stared really hard at it. If you can see the boat in the picture above, our boat was like that but simpler and for beginners. I recommend sailing if you ever get the chance to do it then it is great fun, even if it does mean being hit in the head by a sail.


Bhasker said...

Well done Popeye our sailor girl we are really proud of you :-)

LaDitsterNo1 said...

Hey Priya!
I used to sail quite a bit actually. Capsizing drills can be fun, once you know how to jump over the hull and right onto the centreboard/daggerboard without getting wet. Do you have to wear a helmet so that you don't get hurt by the boom? That might be a good idea until you are more comfortable with the boat manoeuvring. I am so happy you've tried this! Sailing is a great sport with a lot of tactical elements(racing that is) but even just cruising can be loads of fun. Post some photos if you can! - big hug!

priya said...

Thanks for the Feedback! I have tried to avoid the boom, but it hurt a bit! Our class was cancelled this week because of the Typhoon. We have heard that you can wear a helmet, but we didn't. I have soo much homework and I need to organise my class assignment, just to make sure I don't use my English book for Geography!!