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Monday, September 24, 2012

Africa: Safari and Cape L'Agulhas

Cape Town. On our last day, just before our flight at 3pm, we did something that just about made us to the airport for our flights. We went to the southern most tip of Africa. No, not Cape of Good Hope, but Cape L'Agulhas. 

Cape L'Agulhas is around 3 hours drive(2 hours on a good day) from Cape Town. Cutting it fine, we went at 7 in the morning, with our little car a dust mite compared to the giant Range Rovers and Prado's. A 3 hour drive down windy roads listening to our I pod touches was a god way to spend your morning. Unfortunately, I am not one of the cars best companions as I get queasy when going down windy roads (its taken me ages to get used to Hong Kong) . The landscape was definitely peaceful as we cruised down the small towns, passing Hermanus; A well known town known for whale spotting, but we didn't see any as we went in the wrong season. Finally, after encountering some puddles and rocks, we arrived at Cape L'Agulhas. 

If you had taken everything else but the waves away, then your senses would have enjoyed every element. Of Course, being the Southern most tip, it was quite freezing and my thin cotton sweater did no good there. The waves clapped and eroded the many rocks that lay, and walking on pebbles while watching the cold waves splash. Another interesting fact: Cape L'Agulhas is where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meets. Some say that you can see the different colours of the Oceans and can distinctly tell them apart, others like me, were probably too blind too see that as we were wowed by the whole atmosphere. 

Another 3 hour journey back early for our flight, we reached Johannesburg for the next leg of our journey. 

Safaris. Say the word and people can recount their stories to you. I had been on Safaris before in Tanzania, Serengeti and Masai Mara, Gorong Goro when I was four. Obviously, I am 12 now so I probably can't remember anything now. We went with our friends that lived in Johannesburg to a place called Madikwe Game Reserve, literally a stone throw away from Botswana. In their big white Prado, we all went to a place called Thakadu River Safari Lodge, where you stayed in Luxury tents and had one morning Safari and one night Safari. The actual Game Reserve was pretty much unplottable on a map. As soon as we arrived we had lunch, which was ostrich meat-luckily I am vegetarian  so I ate soup instead- as well as returning to our tents and unpacking our stuff. Then came afternoon tea, and straight after, equipped with our torches and layers of clothing, we set off for out night Safari. 

Thepiso. Sound like gibberish but means Promise in the local tribal languages. That was our Tour guides name, Thepiso. Not only did he know about everything in the park(as well as how Rhinos poo and where Hyenas leave their mark) but he kept up with current affairs and had something to say for everything. He taught us about Poo-ology, how Elephants poo, as well as astrology, and different constellations. 

The following night we had a big scare. While in our truck, we were just about to cross a river on a small bridge when about 20 Elephants surrounded our truck. Even though it was night time, we could still see the fury on the Elephants faces, if not even feel it too. The women Elephants were more protective of the children, and they started to trumpet out. Clutching on to each other(I know, we are Drama Queens) we said  our last wishes and our wills. Luckily, I am still here today to recount this story so it was a happy ending. 

Big Five. Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino. Most people only see 4 out of the Big Five. They don't normally see the Leopards. Well, we are 'most people'. Despite searching for the Leopards for 2 hours or so , we still didn't find them, instead, coming  back for dinner at the lodge with a massive warm fire. Warming our hands, and butts (it was freezing at night and early in the morning) we ate dinner and returned to our lodge for a good nights sleep.

I will never forget this Africa trip, the goods and bads made the overall experience worthwhile. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Africa, take it, as it is a wonderful place.


Bhasker said...

Wow that is simply an awesome account of your African holiday looking forward to your next write up on Pages, Lots of love Nana bapu, Nani ma & Janki masi

LaDitsterNo1 said...

Great post! Your trip sounds like a blast :)