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Monday, December 6, 2010

Afternoon tea- Just Couple of Biscuits or a Few Scones?

Many times, when you say Afternoon tea, you mean Supper, Dinner. But if you have it in the afternoon like I do, then a little snack is delicious. But if you go to a remarkable hotel such as the Peninsula in Hong kong, you will be in a heaven of Teas.

I went yesterday, and even though you wait in a que, it is kind of worth the patience for the food is Excellent. Delicious Scones, Strawberry Jam and clotted cream is divine with mini cakes and finger sandwiches.They make you experience of High-tea worth while! Another place in Hk to have high tea is The Grand Hyatt, or just have a High tea at home with your friends!

1 comment:

priya said...

Remember, Home made is Delicious!