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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleepovers or Slumbers?

Do you like having sleepovers with your friends? Many people do, but if your not the type who doesn't like to curl up in front of the telly, then here are some tips to the best sleepover ever!

1. If you are girly, then why not get some nail varnish and paint away. You could also do makeovers on each other, the ones that are blindfolded are the most fun.

2. if you have a backyard, and you have a tent, then why not camp outside! ghost stories are fun!

3. Ask your parents if they can take you out to dessert or dinner.

4. If you have loads of unwanted mags, you can cut out some pics and make a collage! Hama beads are also fun for you creative types.

The only thing you don't do in a sleepover is sleep!

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