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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bieber's New Movie- Never say Never

Finally Justin got up to something! Starring in a Movie, Never Say Never is about his lifetime- How he got to the place he is now and what struggles he had to overcome. His movie also starrs his own family.

Justin's nationality is Canadian, and he quotes " I could never live in England!" I wonder why that is, does he think the lifestyle is different or he likes his home town better? "There is so many people out there trying to tell my life story but haven't quite told it correctly" His Grandma is also quite a music person- She plays the piano, guitar and she sings! So that's where his voice came from!

The Director of Never Say Never is Jon Chu- director of Step Up 3D and Step Up 2: The streets.

Can't wait to see it!


LaDitsterNo1 said...

A lot of Canadians my age don't like Bieber, but my cousins closer to your age agree, he's pretty cool! I think he's talented, but I wish he wasn't trying to act so grown up sometimes. I hope he doesn't regret not acting like a teenager!

priya said...

Yes I agree. The only thing I do not like about Bieber is his hair and his looks! I like a couple of his songs, and might be lucky enough to go to his concert!