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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Johnny English- The Movie Review

Rowan Atkinson is an amazing humorous actor. He has featured in many films, sketches, shows, etc. but the latest movie Johnny English Reborn is a must see.

The First movie Johnny English was a great hit. The film is based on Johnny(Rowan Atkinson) who is a spy working for Her Majesties Secret Service. When Agent One dies, Johnny is the only agent left to do the mission. With his assisting spy Bough, they both make you go into peals of laughter.

The Second Movie, Johnny English Reborn is just the same. Everybody thinks sequels are rubbish, but this one is really funny. Johnny English's return is long awaited after Mozambique, while he is in Tibet. The people at MI-7 ask for his help to get one of three keys of a company called Vortex. This weapon is accessed by all three keys, and if one is not there then they can't get the weapon. The whole film is based around this plot, with Rowan Atkinson's added humour.

Be sure to check this movie out!!!!! :D

1 comment:

Bhasker said...

will go and see it soon loved the review :-)