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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to Beijing #2!

Beijing again! This time there was no lush greenery, not even a leaf of green on either side of the Great Wall.  Because it was winter! But I went for a different reason other than tourism. Not for a business trip, but for the Fobissea Music Festival. Each year a different school hosts, this year it was The British School of Beijing. Mainly, the focus was on music, as on one night each school had to perform, or on the other night there would be a Chinese music concert, showing the different instruments they play to us. There was a Gala Concert(The final concert in which all the songs and preparations lead up to this big night at the end) a Gala Dinner and then a Disco. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely, taking an independent trip with our teachers. The only tourism places we went to were the Great Wall and the Forbidden city, and as always the Great Wall had a breathtaking view. Will post some pics and vids to go with this article……. The picture above is all of us dressed in our concert outfits. Looking Smart!!

1 comment:

Bhasker said...

Excellent looking forward to seeing the photos & videos.