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Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to Beijing!

Ever Been to a place that's NOT with your Mum and Dad when you were 9? Well I have! Its Beijing!

I went there for 5 days with my class for an Educational Visit but it was actually a vacation to us. All of us were with a partner in one hotel room, and we experienced Chinese food and Lifestyle!

On the first day we visited a local Chinese school and then went to the Birds nest. We were very tired on the 2nd day because we went to the Great wall of china. The Third day was taken up with the tourist attractions(Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square) and we went to see the hutongs- which are 9 metre wide alley ways that are a very important with the local Chinese. Some of them have been burnt down. Anyway, on the 4th day we went to see the Summer palace and spent time sketching and exploring. The 5 and very last day we went to see The Temple of Heaven.

I reccomend Beijing as a place to learn for KIDS.

If you ever go there or want to go there please comment so I can tell you all more. Thanks for Reading:)!

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