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Friday, August 20, 2010

Smoothies.... Refreshing Drinks

Have you Ever sat in a room on a scorching hot day and thought that the air conditioning wasn't enough? Well we all probably have and wanted something like a cold drink to keep our body energized.

Smoothies are delicious on a hot day so just follow these steps and make a quick but yummy smoothie!

You will need a blender- even the ones that are on the adverts like fruit factory - even that's ok. Chop the fruits you want and throw them in into the blender. The Blender manual will help you understand how to on the blender. Add a scoop of vanilla or whatever Ice cream you like and a little milk before blending. Then pour some into a cup and refrigerate for 20 mins or just drink it! Oh and remember to add sugar if you are a sugar fan!

If you have allergies to Dairy then why not squeeze some lemon or lime add some water and again sugar for sweet tooth people and you will have lemon water! It also tastes good refrigerated!

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