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Friday, July 29, 2011

Indulge in Chocolate.....

When you have Cadbury chocolate every day or every so often, you may think that they had no trouble making those thousand of boxes every day. But behind that delicious milk chocolate, there is actually a lot of history, from the old Aztecs that worshiped Chocolate, through the period of the 1900 when Dairy Milk was invented till, now, where we take that little piece for granted. There are so many Cadbury Chocolate factories, but Cadbury World is located in Bournville, Birmingham, where it was originated. As a lovely place to take the kids, it has part factory and a lot of interactive stuff and the worlds biggest Cadbury store.

There are in total, 14 different areas that explain different periods, and there are a couple of attractions that have interactive zones. The first zone explains the Aztecs, and how they would trade 100 Cacao beans for a slave. For the second it show how the cacao beans were brought to Europe.Three and onwards, it is based in England, showing how John Cadbury's company developed and expanded, from manufacturing to packaging and advertising. Cadabra is the special ride that shows a cute animation of Cocoa Beans.

From then on, you can write your name in chocolate, create a green screen figure of yourself as a chocolate statue, and many other various activities. There is a giant playground near the entrance and car park, which me, my sister and my cousin loved as we love playgrounds! Finally, at the very rear end is the best part- Essence. You can actually make your own flavour of chocolate and actually eat it!! A Chocolate Day or what??????

1 comment:

Bhasker said...

I was on a chocolate high had 5 pots of melted chocolate can't wait to go back for more yumm ;-)